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Sales Modelling in the Performance Sector, Part 1

Possible factors considered in a sales modelling

Assuming you are asking yourself questions like these:

  • How high is the return on investment of my online and classic marketing activities?
  • Which of my advertising channels present the greatest potential for growth?
  • How do I optimally allocate my advertising budget among the various advertising media?
  • How does the classic advertising affect buying behavior in my online shop?

You will find the answers thanks to an established research tool: sales modelling. In strategic marketing it is the ideal basis to take important decisions, although currently it is rather used in the conventional sector. (more…)

Display Advertising: Success Factors in Test Drive Campaigns

Display Advertising: Success Factors in Test Drive Campaigns

Buying a new car is fairly costly and since nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke test drives enjoy great popularity with customers. They enable the potential buyer to test and compare the general condition of the car, the driving behavior and other important subjective criteria, which cannot necessarily be read on the vehicle’s data sheet.

The Internet offers to clients as well as to car manufacturers an efficient platform to bring test drives and potential buyers together. This is why in the meantime a variety of different portals and websites have been created (i.e. www.testdriver.co.uk) which deal exclusively with the topic test drives and give the users information on recent test drives, insurance tips and experience reports. (more…)

Real Time Bidding explained – an insight in the term and abbreviation jungle

Find a way through the abbreviation jungle

RTB is probably one of the most used acronyms in the online marketing world of last year. Almost everybody knows by now what these three letters mean – real time bidding. However, this is not the only widely used abbreviation in this context. A real term and abbreviation jungle has developed itself around this topic. To provide a better insight – and to prepare for future blog entries about this matter – the most important terms will be explained in the following text. (more…)