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Virtual Eye Tracking – Watch Then Try!

Some landing pages can be described in one word: misleading. There is no central focus and your eyes jump undirected back and forth. Since the user isn’t guided they will lose interest after only a short period of time and will leave the page. This is not only unfortunate but also inefficient when thinking of the expenditures made for client acquisition. To avoid this you can test a landing page with eye tracking. This tool analyses eye movement and gives information on how the user moves on the website. As an alternative, to avoid high costs for such tests in the laboratory, you can also carry out a virtual eye tracking. (more…)

The Mixture does the Trick: Display Advertising and SEA

The mixture to success

The importance of online marketing has increased over the years. In all disciplines, whether it is search engine advertising (SEA), search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, or display advertising you can see greater investment. The Internet is now one of the most important – if not the most important medium for customer acquisition, customer retention and customer service. (more…)

Knowing the True Value of a Customer, Part 2 – Net Worth Method

The individual client is an investment that pays off in the long term

In the first part of our series on the topic of client value we explained that it is important to look at the advertising budget not only in relation to the direct sales, but also to the entire value of a client relationship. The customer lifetime value concept represents the gain or loss that a company generates through the entire duration of the customer relationship and from the transactions affected by the client. While in the first part we discussed the strategic importance of the client evaluation, we will now explain how the customer lifetime value can be calculated. (more…)

Knowing the True Value of a Customer – Customer Lifetime Value

A long-term observation is needed to calculate the true value of a client

The previous entries on marketing intelligence have primarily focused on the advertiser’s activities. The articles looked at the contributions of each element of marketing activity and how they can be calculated in terms of their effectiveness and efficiency. In this context we found that the influences and interdependencies of traditional advertising and online marketing channels can be calculated with modelling, so that the advertising budget can be allocated optimally. Initially, advertisers try to keep the advertising costs in relation to the sales under the direct profits. This course of action may be understandable but it can also lead to a false conclusion. (more…)

Landing Page and Retargeting – Don’t be Deterred!

Users shall not be addressed the same way

For potential new customers a specific landing page ensures a good conversion rate! So why not use this same page when retargeting customers? Because it will not deliver the results you are expecting. The landing page that has been so successful for new customers may actually have information that retargeted or “almost customers” have already seen. So instead of being informative it actually ends up deterring them and lowers the prospect of success. The clients who have come through from retargeting should be sent to their own landing page. (more…)