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Landing Page and Retargeting – Don’t be Deterred!

For potential new customers a specific landing page ensures a good conversion rate! So why not use this same page when retargeting customers? Because it will not deliver the results you are expecting. The landing page that has been so successful for new customers may actually have information that retargeted or “almost customers” have already seen. So instead of being informative it actually ends up deterring them and lowers the prospect of success. The clients who have come through from retargeting should be sent to their own landing page.

Users shall not be addressed the same way

Users shall not be addressed the same way

When retargeting you have an eye on a specific target group: users who visited an online store but did not buy anything there. As they progress through the Internet they are shown banner ads to convince them to purchase the product. These “almost customers” are an interesting target group because they are already half-way to a sale. Often it is easier to convince potential customers rather than new customers who have no knowledge of the product. Therefore these potential customers should be directed to the correct part of the website depending on what they are viewing or what experience they already have with the product. For instance it is pointless to inform someone who has just returned from two weeks holiday in Ibiza about the sights of the island. Potential clients do not need this. It bores them.

For example, if a bank developed a landing page to sell potential clients their overnight money offer, the page would feature graphics about the interest rate development, short information about the bank and the advantages of the offer, as well as a notification that you can secure a starting credit. This landing page is likely to be successful with potential new customers and reach a high conversion rate. For “almost customers” this information is too detailed. It would be better to use a significantly shorter page without a scroll bar, but with a call to action, the most important key figures about the interest rate and the possible starting credit.

Conversion optimisers know that a landing page with a good conversion rate for target group “A” can be an absolute failure with target group “B”. As seen in the above example.“Almost customers” should not be treated like new customers. Instead, you should test which site works best with these “almost customers”. This is not difficult and the prospects of success are very promising.

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