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Auction Insights Report: New AdWords Statistic for Individual Keywords

Recently you have been able to find a statistics symbol next to the individual keywords in Google AdWords’ campaign section. This provides detailed information about the respective keyword’s performance for other advertisers, competing in the same auction. This auction insights report contains a listing of all advertisers also bidding on the respective keyword and placing ads. In addition, the report provides five different statistics, making it possible to analyse the competitors’ position compared to your own. (more…)

Affiliate Marketing in the B2B Sector – the Market Needs More Impetus

It has been clear for some time that the affiliate channel also contributes significantly to the sales of B2B products and services. For advertisers the channel barely entails any risks due to its performance-based remuneration and its comparatively low CPOs. Many companies offer business products already as part of partnership programs – often with very attractive commissions. This is why it is even more surprising that still only a relatively small number of publishers have (at least partially) specialized in this marketing channel. (more…)

Conversion Optimisation: Five Ideas for the Financial Sector

Since competition in the financial sector is fierce, placing advertisements there can become very expensive very fast. For the search term “term life insurance” for a Google AdWords text ad you have to place your bid at a whopping 3.15 euros CPC (cost per click) in order to show up in second place in the advertisement ranking. For the search term “credit” you have to pay 3.85 euros. Due to this high stake it is even more important to convert as many of the users who click on the ad, as possible. Optimising your landing page for conversion can help you. This can be done through A/B and multivariate testing. (more…)

What’s App Google? – Expanding Advertising Possibilities for Mobile Apps

Along with the number of smart phone users, the popularity of mobile apps is increasing rapidly. According to Google, the average smart phone user in the USA has 28 apps installed and more than 70 percent of all users use them for approximately 81 minutes a day. In order to respond to this trend it’s logical for mobile advertising companies to use apps. In this context, Google offers new features to help companies and advertisers bring the apps to the users. (more…)

Conversion Attribution – How to Use Online Budgets Efficiently

Those who take a closer look at the allocation of advertising budgets will notice that an isolated examination of individual marketing channels is inefficient. Multimedia use is increasing and consumers interact with brands and companies in various ways, creating numerous contact points. This is why you should never evaluate individual advertising efforts as effective or ineffective. It is much more important to look at the big picture and to analyze how the channels are being used by the consumers in the different phases of the purchasing process. (more…)