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Auction Insights Report: New AdWords Statistic for Individual Keywords

Recently you have been able to find a statistics symbol next to the individual keywords in Google AdWords’ campaign section. This provides detailed information about the respective keyword’s performance for other advertisers, competing in the same auction. This auction insights report contains a listing of all advertisers also bidding on the respective keyword and placing ads. In addition, the report provides five different statistics, making it possible to analyse the competitors’ position compared to your own.

These are the different statistics:

  • Impression share: the difference between the estimated impressions (i.e. the number of possible impressions) and the actual impressions.
  • Average position: can be used to analyse competitors who are bidding for similar positions.
  • Overlap rate: can be used to determine direct competitors. The values represent the overlap rate, when competitors bid for the same keyword.
  • Position above rate: shows how often your competitor’s ad is placed higher than yours in the ranking.
  • Top of page rate: indicates how many of your ads were shown above the organic search results.

The information revealed in the auction insights report should help you make strategic decisions about bids, budgets, keywords, and keyword choices. The auction data report can only generate reports for one keyword at a time. In addition, the data is only available for keywords that meet a minimum number of activities for the time period specified. If you can see this icon to the left of a keyword, the auction insights report is available for this keyword.

In order to optimise campaigns and develop the right strategy, it is important to know that the other advertisers’ metrics shown are based only on instances when your ads were also estimated to be eligible to appear. The reports will not reveal the actual keywords, their performance, or the campaign settings – neither for your ads, nor for those of your competitors.

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