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Twitter in Affiliate Marketing – an Obligation or a Possibility?

Whoever tweets for business purposes knows that limiting important information to 140 characters can be a true challenge. Nevertheless – especially in the affiliate sector Twitter has become a frequently used medium of communication for announcements from program operators and/or their agencies. But what defines a good tweet and for what kind of topics should be used? Does anybody read them and how can you attract more attention?

Using Twitter in Affiliate Marketing

Using Twitter in Affiliate Marketing

Recent offers of interest include, coupon campaigns, commission increases, new means of advertising, contests or rallies. You should also integrate a link to the provider’s partner program site or his shop. To save space, you should use short URLs from providers such as bit.ly or tinyurl.com.

The style of writing needs to be adjusted as well: remain objective, avoid filler words, and get to the point quickly. Additionally it is advisable to start the tweet with the relevant program or brand. Besides all that, you can save valuable characters with information such as data, price, etc. Everybody will understand if you shorten “offer ends May 31, 2012” to “offer ends 05/31/12”, if you write £ instead of pounds, or if you abbreviate voucher code with VC.

A not-so-safe side effect of Twitter is that search engines such as Google identify every tweet with the help of their own assigned URL. The advantage is that you can appear high up in the search results with your statements if you tweet actively. But you also need to take into consideration that tweets remain on the Internet for many years, so you should ensure that your tweets are of a good quality. An absolute taboo is spamming since this could lead to the account being permanently blocked.

Before starting to write you should ask yourself what kind of reader you want to attract and how to approach the right target group. A tweet is only worthwhile if it is read by interested followers. Therefore, the motto should always be “quality over quantity”.

On the Twitter homepage you can identify potential followers with the search box. Just type “affiliate marketing” as the search term, and an almost infinite amount of tweets about this topic will appear.

To further expand your circle of followers you should get in touch with interesting twitterati, by linking their comments, joining discussions, and helping other people by answering their questions about affiliate marketing for example. This way you can establish a certain level of trust over time on Twitter, which has the pleasant side effect that others like to click on the links of your own tweets.

In general, to establish a reputation on Twitter and also to be found, it is helpful to mention your Twitter-username at every occasion, such as in your email signature, on your own website, on your blog, on your social media accounts for example Facebook, of course in personal talks, and on the good old business card.

All in all it can be said that the attractiveness of a tweet goes hand in hand with the message it contains. The more recent, interesting, creative, the more followers are eager to read the next tweet and in best-case scenario subscribe to it. Therefore this medium should not be neglected in the course of affiliate marketing, but should instead be maintained regularly and carefully.

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