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Flexible Reach for Google Display Network

Google recently added the “Display Network” tab into the AdWords interface to make it easier for advertisers to manage their Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns. Google is now introducing another feature to manage GDN campaigns: “flexible reach”. The new feature allows advertisers to pick targeting options for the GDN not only at a campaign level but also at an ad group level. With this new function Google hopes to enable users to target their campaigns more efficiently than was previously possible with “broad reach” and “specific reach” at campaign level.
It allows users to combine and determine several targeting options for the Display Network at an ad group level – thus further harmonising them with their bid options. Once you have changed to the new function, you cannot go back to your previous settings. Not surprising given the fact that Google is planning to eventually replace broad and specific reach with flexible reach.. Any new ad group will have the new option by default. The following image shows how users can activate the new feature in the AdWords interface. In the section “networks and devices” under the “settings” tab you will need to tick the option.

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