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New Update for Mobile Ads in Google Maps

Google has improved the visual format of its mobile search engine ads in Google Maps. The move should make local search results on mobile devices more efficient. The innovation, which is now available for the latest Android mobiles, makes calls to action, such as “get directions” or “click to call” more prominent in the ad, while improving their clickability at the same time.


Get to the right page without any detours

Get to the right page without any detours

The new “hyperlocal marker” shows the user how far the nearest store of the requested vendor is from his current location. In addition, by clicking on the ad, the user will be directed directly to the vendor’s website, and with only one click they can get back to Google Maps.

With the new format the user can immediately see their options. This should have a positive effect on the click-through rate, and ultimately lead more users to the mobile website, the store, or to the call center. According to a recent study about Google Mobile Ads, carried out by T-Mobile and Google, using the local extension in mobile search could lead to a click-through rate of 13 percent.

The setup for this update is very straightforward. The respective campaign only needs to be adapted to mobile devices and ads need to be activated, in order to show them to the search partners. Finally, “location extensions” in Google AdWords need to be activated, so you can benefit from all the advantages of the new function. It will be interesting to see the effects of the new Maps ad format on campaign performance.

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