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Promising Outlook for Affiliates – Looking for the Niche

The developments in the affiliate network sector show one thing clearly: the trend in affiliate marketing is moving towards specialization. Whether they are networks focusing on the financial markets, lead generation, or the B2B business – there seems to be a demand for specialized know-how and technical solutions for the merchants and the affiliates.


Affiliates can look for lucrative niches

Affiliates can look for lucrative niches

A network launch shows how far the focus on niches can go: In spring 2012 the network Traffic Captain was created which specializes on advertising online games. Approaches for this sector are primarily done by international and advertising mediums, which optimize providers across the CPM.

These new offerings confirm old marketing knowledge: a lot of potential lies in a niche. Here affiliates have always had the opportunity to position their projects in a promising way. Deposit accounts, eReader and browser games are all past examples of products that received significant demand.

It is essential to compare the potential profits with the expenses when evaluating new projects. The potential revenue of a product can result from the general demand for the product and potential profit. This will be reduced by the expenses which are necessary for reaching out to customers.

For content-affiliates the first step should be to search the relevant keywords in search engines using the multiple tools available. The second step should be finding out whether there are suitable partner programs and check out the remuneration for the products offered. The expenditures connected with entering the market can be seen in a second step when reviewing the competitors and their keywords.

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