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Google Expands Its Remarketing Functions for Advertisers

A little while ago Google already introduced “remarketing”, which makes it possible to identify users who have already visited a website and to address them again. They now want to gradually simplify this service and increase its efficiency. In the following article we will show you which features are affected by the changes. (more…)

Keyword Match Types as a Secret Weapon for Every SEA Campaign

Are you an SEA manager? Then you must be quite familiar with the following challenge of increasing the return on advertising spend (ROAS) in highly competitive industries without sacrificing investment in growth. (more…)

Identifying potential to increase the conversion rate

Before embarking on a conversion optimisation project it’s important to have a well-thought-out concept to avoid losing potential sales, define a test strategy and roadmap before starting. In principle every page can be optimized, however, certain pages have a greater influence on the conversion success than others. (more…)

The Agony of Choice: Which Attribution Model is The Right One?

We have already mentioned that the last cookie counts method falls far too short when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing channels. Especially in affiliate marketing you can feel the repercussions, since only when it comes to a purchase a commission will be paid. Therefore affiliates might leave empty handed even through their channel may have had an initiating or influencing effect on the purchase decision. (more…)

Google Shopping will no longer be free: Is This Bad for Store Operators?

It is no longer free to list products in Google Shopping Google is planning to transform the section “Product Search” as it is called in the USA into a pure ad system. At the same time this section will receive a new name: Google Shopping. In America the conversion should already take place in August 2012 and European countries will follow. (more…)