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AdMob Integration into Google AdWords

The integration of AdMob into Google AdWords allows advertisers to create campaigns more easily and target them more efficiently. Since the use of mobile has been on the rise for several years, the integration was the logical next step. Every day more than two trillion impressions are generated worldwide via AdMob. In the following article we will show you what benefits arise from the new integration.



First of all, AdMob is not a blind network anymore since the distribution of ads can be tracked accurately. In addition, the following important AdWords factors also apply for the mobile network:

  • Mobile-specific targeting
  • Audience targeting
  • Selection of individual apps
  • App conversion tracking



Text ads on AdMob
Apart from image ads, advertisers can also create text ads similar to desktop formats that consist of 25 headline characters and 35 characters in both text lines, automatically creating banners in the size of 320×50 pixel. One advantage of these ad creatives is that they have a 1.5 click function where the user has to click on it first to get a call to action. If the user clicks on it again, he or she will get to the desired app or the content. The following image illustrates this process.


A call to action requires various clicks

A call to action requires various clicks

It is safe to say: This new function will break down prejudices that too many clicks on mobile devices happen only by accident.

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