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Yahoo moves into the Microsoft AdCenter

Since recently in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and in several other European countries, SEA campaigns for the search engines Yahoo and Bing are managed over the Microsoft adCenter. For advertisers the relocation comes with improved advertising possibilities, therefore we want to explain to you the adCenter’s functions in more detail.

Greater range for advertisers at Yahoo and Bing

Greater range for advertisers at Yahoo and Bing

In the Microsoft adCenter you can find several tools and a range of helpful information. Modifications have especially been made to the interface, the campaign management, text modalities, and the keyword options.

The user interface has been streamlined and is now more user-friendly. In addition, the transfer of Google campaigns has been simplified and the improved desktop tool makes it possible to spread campaigns more efficiently.

Apart from these modifications, the new keyword options might be of great interest to all advertisers. At Yahoo so far it was only possible to choose between “standard match” and “advanced match”. With the adCenter, advertisers now have three options: “exact match”, “phrase match”, and “advanced match”.

The additional keyword options allow an even better campaign management

The additional keyword options allow an even better campaign management

If an ad has been set up as “exact match”, the keyword matches precisely the search query. In the example, the user searched for “premium green tea”, exactly these words are in the search query. Should “phrase match” be chosen for an ad, the results will contain the same words in the same order. If the ad has been set up as “broad reach”, any of the keywords appear in any order in the search query. Moreover, from now on you can chose significantly more exclusion terms (negative keywords). On campaign level the number rose from 1,250 to 10,000 terms.

These modifications make it possible to manage budgets more efficiently, which will increase the relevance of advertising efforts on Yahoo and Bing for advertisers. Currently, the adCenter is still struggling with minor “teething problems”, and the adaptations to the different markets in terms of keyword particularities are not always optimal. SEA manager will need to find solutions to problems with hyphens and accents. Moreover, sometimes it came to discrepancies with brand terms, which could lead to higher CPCs. However, these problems should be resolved in the coming weeks, as soon as more empirical data on the Microsoft adCenter will have been collected.

The greater range that results from Yahoo’s relocation to the adCenter should let advertisers prick their ears. According to Yahoo and Microsoft in Germany alone there are more than 1.2 million more “unique searchers”. Therefore, despite Bing’s relatively small market share in Germany, it is still worthwhile to book ads over the new platform. QUISMA has already integrated the adCenter into the QUISMA Media Platform, allowing our clients to already benefit from the advantages and the improved possibilities to manage campaigns.

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