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Customer Journey – It is the Big Picture that Counts

Big events, such as the last week’s OMMA show specialists once more how complex performance marketing can be: a vast amount of communication channels, very different payment models, and new buzzwords. The term “customer journey” suggests a planned journey, however, most of the time it rather resembles a backpacking tour where the traveller goes wherever the whim takes him. However, it is important for advertising companies to who to know where the customers started and what they encountered on their journey. (more…)

Online Marketing: Snowball Effect of Innovations

With cross-channel campaign measuring and optimisation, individual conversion attribution, and real-time advertising QUISMA’s main topics are clearly oriented on the current market trends. Following these new developments, we now want to take a look into the future and highlight upcoming possibilities that will very soon open new avenues by which advertisers can approach their target audiences. (more…)

Keyword Setup and Optimisation

How do you create an optimal keyword setup, which enables a qualitative expansion of the keywords and bids in the optimisation process? What exactly should this optimisation look like? (more…)