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Online Marketing: Snowball Effect of Innovations

With cross-channel campaign measuring and optimisation, individual conversion attribution, and real-time advertising QUISMA’s main topics are clearly oriented on the current market trends. Following these new developments, we now want to take a look into the future and highlight upcoming possibilities that will very soon open new avenues by which advertisers can approach their target audiences.


Driven by innovations, online marketing remains one of the most exiting sectors

Driven by innovations, online marketing remains one of the most exiting sectors

A question frequently asked by clients, as well as by the press, is: is it possible to display conventional channels in a user journey? The answer is: yes. However, so far it is only possible to include TV. Other channels cannot yet be displayed accurately enough, but future innovations look very promising. One reason is the fusion of the information and communication technology (i.e. the unification of telephone, internet, and mobile). It will probably not be very long until users can be identified across several devices (pseudonymised). This would offer advertisers the chance to fully track the customers’ journey (TV, mobile, or online) and therefore provide the scope to approach target audiences more individually, oriented on the customers’ interests. It would lead to a significant increase in efficiency, since costs for advertising would fall while the output of the highly targeted advertising mediums would rise.

The cross-channel measuring and optimisation of campaigns, as well as the conversion attribution, will hereby play an important role. The data that will be available could abruptly change the advertising planning in its entirety – to the benefit of the advertisers. Even now it is evident that this scenario will soon become reality. The constantly increasing use of smartphones, web-enabled TVs and cloud computing are the first harbingers. Apart from these huge opportunities for advertisers, this development will also call for new standards in data processing, where in the end advertising ethics and data protection will play a key role.

In addition, the evaluation of marketing channels – conversion attribution, modeling or machine learning – will affect when new approaches, adapted to the new situation, will need to be found. This presents an exiting challenge to marketing researchers and research departments in agencies. The snowball effect of innovations makes the digital industry one of the most interesting fields.

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