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Real Time Advertising is Gaining Momentum in Europe

The European real time advertising market is taking shape – barely a week passes without news of another new company, solution, or acquisition.

Many of these new companies are based on pioneering models from the USA which have been tweaked for the European market. Developers are working tirelessly on new solutions that satisfy local requirements on both the buying and sales side. (more…)

What Users Expect from Mobile Search

It is no news that the significance of mobile search queries is continuing to increase: more and more smartphone users access the Internet on the go and expect to always be able to find what they are looking for. For the success of SEA campaigns it is very important to optimise your landing pages for mobile use, so the budget you have invested into mobile search will generate the desired turnover. (more…)

Individual Conversion Attribution Powered by QUISMA

In our previous articles about conversion attribution we’ve explained that it is crucial to use the right attribution model for your online marketing measures as identifying each channel’s true contribution is the foundation for every budget allocation. Common attribution models, such as the last cookie wins, first cookie wins, and many others, are of a static nature and cannot live up to the complex user behaviour in the customer journey. The solution is to use models adjusted to the advertiser and their needs. (more…)

More Visibility for Ads with Enhanced Sitelinks

Following the great success of ad expansion sitelinks with advertisers Google will continue to improve this popular feature. Currently it is possible to place up to twelve sitelinks in the AdWords interface as ad extensions and now Google is making this possible for desktop apps. (more…)