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More Visibility for Ads with Enhanced Sitelinks

Following the great success of ad expansion sitelinks with advertisers Google will continue to improve this popular feature. Currently it is possible to place up to twelve sitelinks in the AdWords interface as ad extensions and now Google is making this possible for desktop apps.


Enhanced Sitelinks - better visibility for Google ads

Enhanced Sitelinks – better visibility for Google ads

The combination of several sitelinks with closely related search engine ads allows a bigger format and an even more eye-catching ad for advertisers at the best spot within the results page. In February this year, Google started to display the bigger and enhanced sitelinks in a beta-test in order to check the users’ behaviour.

How do I get the new sitelinks?

First of all, you need to have up to ten sitelinks in your account and the ad, which triggers the sitelinks, needs to be above the organic search results. Second, the sitelinks can only have one target page. Furthermore, you need to have several active ads with the same sitelink target page in your user account.

It is essential to keep in mind that “enhanced sitelinks”, just as sitelinks, are generated automatically. Therefore, they might vary in appearance (number of sitelinks shown) and a 100 percent delivery for all search queries cannot be guaranteed.

What effects does the feature have on the ad text’s performance?

Sitelinks give the users more options, which generate more clicks for advertisers. In February the test showed that the click rate for displays with sitelinks was on average 30 percent higher than for standard ads. With the introduction of “enhanced sitelinks” you can expect your click rates to be up to three times as high. However, especially for performance campaigns, we would still recommend to thoroughly monitor all key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that the campaign will reach its objectives. Meanwhile, the click costs will remain the same, and the reporting is not affected by the changes either, it can still be accessed through the AdWords interface under the tab “display extensions” at campaign level.

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