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What Users Expect from Mobile Search

It is no news that the significance of mobile search queries is continuing to increase: more and more smartphone users access the Internet on the go and expect to always be able to find what they are looking for. For the success of SEA campaigns it is very important to optimise your landing pages for mobile use, so the budget you have invested into mobile search will generate the desired turnover.


With an optimised page you can catch mobile shoppers

With an optimised page you can catch mobile shoppers

What do users expect from mobile websites, and what do store operators need to do to meet the users’ expectations? A study from July 2012 conducted by Google analysed 1088 adults, who surf the web with their smartphones to find out, “What Users Want Most From Mobile Sites Today”.

Mobile users clearly prefer mobile-friendly websites, 79 percent of the surveyed admitted they look for other websites if they reach a site that has not yet been optimised for mobile. Almost every other interviewee found links to such websites annoying and did not feel taken seriously by the company. In the paid-search sector such high exit rates after the click has significant repercussions on the overall campaign performance and can determine success or failure.

Landing pages that have been optimised for mobile use also contribute to increased conversion rates: as many as 67 percent of mobile users said they would be more likely to purchase a product or service from a mobile-optimised site.

The survey clearly shows that the users have the same high expectations for mobile sites as they have for regular websites, they want to reach their target fast and easy. If these expectations can’t be met, they’ll go elsewhere. Therefore, advertisers who ignore this are taking a risk: on the one hand they might permanently lose users to their rivals, and on the other hand they do not optimally use their budget.

However, there are several useful tips that will help you optimise websites for mobile use, and increase the efficiency of SEA campaigns at the same time:

  • You need to ensure that text fits in the screen and can be read without having to zoom in a lot.
  • An easy navigation with large buttons, and a simple page layout are indispensable.
  • Special emphasis should be placed on the website’s most important content and functions. This means, the offer’s main features should always be visible.
  • You should reduce the required steps to conclude a purchase to a necessary minimum.
  • Not all users already have a fast mobile Internet connection. Therefore, the size of graphics and images should be reduced to avoid long loading times.
  • In order to be able to measure and optimise the success of mobile campaigns, you should use a powerful tracking tool.

If advertisers follow these tips, there shouldn’t be anything standing in the way of a successful mobile website. In any case your strategy for your presence in the mobile sector should focus on the following key points: meet the target audience’s needs, win new customers, and successfully differentiate yourself from your competitors. This way, combined with an ongoing improvement of your mobile SEA campaigns, you will be able to optimally distribute your mobile budget.

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