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SEA Tips for the Christmas Season

More and more shoppers turn to online stores to get their presents

This Christmas, retailers have predicted a huge upswing in the numbers of shoppers turning to online stores to get their present shopping done in time, with minimum fuss and most importantly – with minimum time spent in the crush at the shopping centre. To this end, marketers’ focus and budget has shifted to optimising search engine advertising, to ensure that their ads provide a help to time-poor shoppers. QUISMA have a number of tips to help companies get the most out of their SEA at this important, and lucrative, time of year. (more…)

SEA Campaigns: Clients do not move in mysterious ways

While optimizing and distributing SEA-campaigns to different terminal devices in a performance-orientated way, several exciting questions arise: at what point in the buying cycle do you reach which user, through which device at what time, and does it generate a conversion? (more…)

The internet as a decision-making tool: consumers’ online behaviour

Making a fast, definitive decision when it comes to buying an expensive item has been found to be a particularly arduous process for certain consumers, with a number of factors forcing a change of mind along the way. A high percentage of us consult numerous websites when deciding to make a high cost purchase, shifting our perception of where best we can find unbiased and worthwhile opinions and facts. (more…)

SEA and Product Listing Ads – How Do They Fit Together?

PLA in top position with five suppliers

The current Google product search which is a free listing of indexed products will be replaced by paid ads– so-called product listing ads (PLAs) which will be charged to advertisers on a cost-per-click basis. Whilst there has been much debate over the potential loss of traffic and sales, with particular concerns raised by advertisers, at QUISMA, we see it as an opportunity for product marketing. (more…)

The Client as Bargain Hunter, The Supplier as Trap Finder

Coupons are still a very powerful tool, especially in affiliate marketing. We have talked about this topic extensively in this blog. Recently a new blog has been launched, entirely about discounts through coupons, and its makers have created an interesting and informative infographic. Apart from facts about their use, such as 41.1 percent of all online shoppers use coupons and that Google search queries for “coupon” have doubled in 2012 compared to 2008, they also show possible ways of using them. (more…)