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Extend Your Reach With TrueView In-stream Videos

YouTube has the perfect advertising medium for advertisers who want to quickly attain the largest possible reach within a target audience. The so-called TrueView in-stream videos are shown before the actual video content but, unlike normal pre-roll videos, the users have the possibility to skip them after five seconds. (more…)

Multi-channel Consumption Becomes Standard

In our last blog post we discussed the challenges of conversion attribution in 2013. An important point of that post was how marketers should integrate conventional channels into their conversion attribution analysis. We talked about how consumers who are on their way to a conversion – whether it is a purchase, the conclusion of a contract – do not only do so via online channels. Even if the final step or purchase eventually takes place online. On the flip side, many conventional transactions do not solely come via classical marketing channels, as more and more consumers seek to inform themselves via online channels and have their interest piqued elsewhere. (more…)

Social Signals as Ranking Boosters – Top or Flop?

In the New Year companies will have to face some familiar challenges as well as some new ones. Somewhere in between the two are social signals. Their significance has been fiercely discussed among SEO experts for quite some time, the debate is divided by one question: what influence do social signals have on the indexing in search engines, such as Google? (more…)

The Power of the Trust Box

Many online stores expect miracles when they consider conversion optimisation for their websites. But can conversion optimisation really work wonders? Well maybe not overnight, as there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. But specific tests can significantly improve a website’s conversion rate. What needs to be tested? Which elements on a websites are promising and entice customers to buy a product? Conversion optimisation can show you numerous opportunities, ranging from where to place the navigation bar, and choosing the right images, to the trust box, which we will talk in more detail about in this blog post. (more…)

A Vision Becomes a Trend: Conversion Attribution 2013

As the new year is still young we look back on what made the headlines in the media press in the past year and what excited the likes of advertisers, agencies, publishers, researchers and beyond.
In this blog post we aim to provide relevant predictions for the 2013 with regard to conversion attribution and how it will increasingly play a key role in the marketer’s working life. (more…)