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Extend Your Reach With TrueView In-stream Videos

YouTube has the perfect advertising medium for advertisers who want to quickly attain the largest possible reach within a target audience. The so-called TrueView in-stream videos are shown before the actual video content but, unlike normal pre-roll videos, the users have the possibility to skip them after five seconds.


Video advertising on YouTube can significantly increase your reach

Video advertising on YouTube can significantly increase your reach

It gives advertisers the following advantages:

  • You pay per video view or “cost per video” (CPV): you only pay when a user watches at least 30 seconds of your spot or if your spot is shorter than 30 seconds, when he watches it until the end.
  • If costs arise for the advertiser it can be assumed that it was a deliberate decision of the user not to skip the spot.

With several clients, QUISMA found out that on average four to six percent of all users watch a video until the end. The CPV is usually around 6 to 10 cents. When a user clicks on the advertising medium, he can be directed to a landing page. An embedded tracker lets you directly measure the campaign’s success. TrueView in-stream videos allow advertisers to combine the branding effects of videos with the online marketing’s measurability and optimization potential. The target audience can be reached through various targeting options.

The following targeting options are available:

  • Demographic, geography, language
  • Interest categories
  • Remarketing
  • Contextual targeting (keyword targeting)
  • Video categories
  • Individual videos und channels

Due to the enormously high traffic on YouTube you can generate a large reach, even with very precisetargeting. In a case study, carried out by Google with Electronic Arts, impressive results were generated for a campaign period of less than three weeks. For a pre-launch campaign of the game “FIFA 13” EA SPORTS used TrueView in-stream videos as their central advertising medium.

It was very successful: within less than three weeks almost 430,000 users had watched the 90 second ad for at least 30 seconds.* By now more than a million users have seen the spot, only around one percent of all YouTube videos manage to achieve this. Since this advertising medium finds large acceptance among the users, and due to its relatively low cost per view, TrueView in-stream videos are suitable for all advertisers who have interesting video material.

*Case study: Electronic Arts GmbH – TrueView in-stream videos (Google Germany GmbH; 2012)

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