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From Kicks to Clicks: The Striking Similarity Between Online Marketing and Football [Infographic]

From Kicks to Clicks: The Striking Similarity Between Online Marketing and Football [Infographic]

On Saturday it’s going down: Tomorrow at Wembley stadium in London, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund will meet in the Champions League final. This is the first time that two German teams have met to compete for the most coveted trophy in European football.

For QUISMA’s Data Intelligence Unit experts this presented the perfect opportunity to analyse how much team sports and the interdisciplinary world of online marketing have in common, by creating a shareable infographic!

Thrive and Prosper: Customer Retention Online

Thrive and Propser: Customer Retention Online

The topic in the blog entry from March 2013 were customer relations and how you can integrate them into a holistic marketing strategy. This article will give you five tips to highlight how companies that are active on the internet can optimize their customer relationships to maintain a long-term business success. (more…)

Enhanced Campaigns – Google takes the gloves off

Enhanced campaigns - Google takes the gloves off

Presently, mobile and tablet campaigns can be set up and managed separately at Google. In the future this will no longer be the case; Google announced in February that a new campaign management system will be introduced in June this year- the ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ tool. This means there will be significant changes to Google’s current campaign management platform, especially for mobile and desktop distribution. Since the announcement, there have been several updates from Google on this topic-namely on bidding, delivery management of mobile pages and timing. The aim of this blog post is to give you an overview of the most important changes and what they mean. (more…)