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An Effective Combination: Display Advertising Plus Search Engine Advertising

Accompanying display campaigns within the framework of search engine advertising lead to higher conversions. QUISMA has proven this by conducting a customer journey analysis over the last few months for an international fashion retailer.

Together more successful: combining SEA and display advertising increases the conversion rate

Together more successful: combining SEA and display advertising increases the conversion rate

The fashion retailer’s marketing activities are focussed on search engine advertising (SEA), which comprises generic and brand campaigns. In order to increase brand awareness and sales numbers (and eventually overall performance) an intensive display campaign was also implemented.

In order to assess the effect the display campaign has on the sales in the field of search engine advertising, a customer journey analysis was conducted. In December 2012, the conversion rates in the SEA sector of 14,751 individual customer journeys (with and without banner-involvement) were compared with each other.


The analysis revealed significant differences in the conversion rates for journeys with banner-involvement and for those without. If a banner was part of the journey, the conversion rates could be increased by 11.6 percent in the brand sector, and by 15.7 percent in the generic sector. Due to increased brand awareness more users clicked on the link leading to the fashion retailer’s landing page- the higher volume of traffic ultimately led to more sales being generated.

An effective combination: display advertising plus search engine advertising

Increasing conversions with display advertising

The analysis shows that display advertising raises brand awareness on the Internet; interest in the product rises, as can be seen from the increased conversion rates in the graph. Therefore, it is worthwhile to systematically link multiple online channels in order to achieve great results for one’s brand. However, these positive effects can only be measured through a detailed customer journey analysis.

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