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Formula 1 in conversion optimisation – on the tracks of Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is the ultimate Formula 1 driver. He is the youngest four times world champion of all times and currently breaks all the records. With his eighth victory of the season he even broke the age-old record of his idol Michael Schumacher and this certainly won’t be his last achievement.

Leave the competition in the dust

Leave the competition in the dust

What is Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull’s secret? Vettel said it with a smirk: “When the others go home to hang their balls in the pool, we’re still here working on the car trying to squeeze out that little bit more.”

His team boss Christian Horner thinks along the same sort of lines: “It happens way too often that people become complacent and think that Red Bull victories are a given. But this is not the case, every race is a challenge.” Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel never settle with the status quo. They always try to better themselves and therefore always push themselves to the limit.

The secret of their success is continuous optimisation. This recipe also applies to websites of online shops. In the same way, it is essential to continuously improve and optimise your website based on test results.

Stagnation is in regards to conversion optimisation a step back. If the site always stays the same, there is a risk of missing out on trends that the competition may have already integrated. This could be a new design of the product details or new service offerings such as a chat function. In Formula 1, the team needs to constantly adapt to new rules and track conditions and in the online world they need to regularly adapt to target audience requirements or new laws.

But careful: Instead of blindly investing in new functions or elements, you should test if they offer the users added value and if the conversion rate is positively influenced.

Start with the optimisation of your site which holds the most potential for increased turnover and profit. You can read up on helpful decision making criteria in our blog.

We’ll use one of our clients, Marc O’Polo as a specific example of the positive impact of continuous tests: For the re-launch of its website, the home and product details pages were tested iteratively for a few months. Every insight and valid test result was considered and implemented. The primary objective of increasing conversions within the existing traffic was achieved. In addition, they gained several useful insights regarding user behaviour.

Our advice to achieve a maximum of conversions is: Never rely on your ‘pole position’ and keep improving your website. Let Sebastian Vettel inspire you and use Red Bull pit strategy as an example for squeezing that little bit more out of your website – so that you don’t have to fight your way through the pack.

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