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The Internet of Things – The Connection to the Analogue World

In a world with an increasing number of smart phone users, a continuously growing number of people with an internet connection and endless new innovations, the trend of connecting the analogue world with the digital sphere has emerged: The Internet of Things (IoT). (more…)

Feed Optimisation for Product Listing Ads – It All Comes Down to the Right Placement!

Google’s product listing ads (PLAs) became a paid-for service a year ago. And since a lot has happened: Almost every online retailer utilises this prominent format to display an attention-grabbing product image and its price. (more…)

Google Shakes Hands with the Competition

Recently, the European Commission had Google on the agenda once again: The search engine giant’s competitors complained that Google favours the display of its own search results, especially for products, hotels and restaurants. Google tried to achieve a settlement by suggesting to display its competitors’ results more prominently in its search results. However, before this is implemented Google still needs the approval from its rivals. (more…)