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What Do Da Vinci and Conversion Optimisation Have in Common?

Websites should be designed well to attract users – that’s probably something everyone would agree with. They need to present information sensibly, be intuitive to use and well-structured: these are the aspects which play a major role when optimising a website to reach higher conversions. If you can get the individual elements to work together harmoniously, this creates a more user-friendly image, and you can convert more of your existing traffic. That’s the theory anyway. (more…)

Tablet Study Sport Retailers: Who Won the Title, Who Should Go Back to Training Camp?

Even though we still have to wait for the football world championship to begin, we have a found a winner: the tablet champion 2014! In the tablet study “The QUISMA Sport Retailer World Cup” QUISMA compared 15 online sport retailers from 5 countries: from England, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. Top of the league was German brand SportScheck, the UK’s JD Sports came in second and Karstadt Sports, also a German retailer, came in third. (more…)

Firefox Jumps on the Advertising Bandwagon

Increasingly online companies (such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest) have started to offer advertising on their sites. Recently, Mozilla announced that it will allow brands to advertise on its Firefox browser. Ads, that will be labelled as such, will be displayed on Firefox’s ‘new tab’ sites. (more…)

Long-term Customer Relationships – the Customer Lifetime Value

It is a fact that in certain periods of the year, more sales can be generated than in other periods. But is it really sufficient to evaluate marketing activities according to conversions, turnover and costs within a time period like Easter or Christmas? Of course every business should gather quantitative and time-related data but the development potential of the customer over a longer period of time needs to be addressed too. This is when the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) comes in. (more…)