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Tablet Study Sport Retailers: Who Won the Title, Who Should Go Back to Training Camp?

Even though we still have to wait for the football world championship to begin, we have a found a winner: the tablet champion 2014! In the tablet study “The QUISMA Sport Retailer World Cup” QUISMA compared 15 online sport retailers from 5 countries: from England, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. Top of the league was German brand SportScheck, the UK’s JD Sports came in second and Karstadt Sports, also a German retailer, came in third.

The "tablet champion" has been chosen!

The “tablet champion” has been chosen!

The study is based on the scoring model which has already been used for earlier tablet studies. All retailers have been tested as to how their websites perform on tablets in the four core areas homepage, product detail page, shopping cart and check-out. Most retailers already adapted their websites to mobile devices; this of course helped to achieve better scores in all the categories.

For the evaluation of the homepage, usability and visibility are most important. This means for instance high-quality images and texts that are appealing to the user; further must-haves are search and login features as well as an easy navigation around the website. The highest value regarding the homepage was found at JD Sports, followed by the Dutch retailers Perrysport and Plutosport. Regarding the product detail page, the same criteria apply as for the homepage: the structure should be clear and appealing. Moreover, the zoom feature and the call-to-action-button (“Add to shopping cart”) should be clearly visible. Spanish brand Decathlon and Amazon Italia led the league for this category. In the shopping cart section, the products need to be clearly laid-out and listed. There has to be an option to amend the products or delete them from the cart. In this section, the German retailers SportScheck and Intersport achieved the best results. Concerning the check-out, the three best-placed brands, JD Sports, SportScheck and Karstadt Sports clearly led the field. They were able to score with a clear page structure, clear communication of the total costs and clearly visible call-to-action-buttons.

In conclusion, it became apparent that most sport retailers could do more to tap the full potential that tablet shopping holds. Websites that are fully adapted to mobile devices would be an important first step. This and adapting the content to the respective target group as well as permanent testing can help to increase the conversion rate.

Find out in our free tablet study “The QUISMA Sport Retailer World Cup” which retailers need some more training and who is at the bottom of the table.

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