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Product descriptions: More than describing the product

Who thinks that the description of a product only gives information about the properties and functions of a product is wrong. Only as a secondary function product descriptions should convince potential customers to buy the item and therefore increase the conversion rate of online shops. From an SEO point of view product descriptions primary should help the customer to find the advertised shop with a search engine.

Furthermore it is clear that an online shop of course can`t offer the same terms and conditions as a local retailer. Often there is no personal advice over a particular product. If you want the customer to feel well informed about different products anyway, detailed product descriptions of the offered selection are required. This also increases the probability that a new customer becomes a recurring customer.

How to describe How to describe a product appealing to users and search engines?

How to describe a product appealing to users and search engines?

Product descriptions and content marketing

What makes a good product description? Product descriptions must appeal to customers. Generally a good product description should include an image of the corresponding product in addition to a statement giving further information over the advantages and positive features of the good.
Essential keywords can be mentioned SEO-relevant in the image description. However it must be easy to understand for the reader and well structured. If the product description is giving a lot of information about the technical data and it becomes obvious to the reader that the text had previously been written by the manufacturer instead of you, potential buyers will have a bad image of your company.

Detailed product descriptions - like on asos.de - can prevent returns.

Detailed product descriptions – like on asos.de – can prevent returns.

The danger of duplicate content

If the previously mentioned aspects are considered and the product description contains all the important information, be aware of the fact that the text of a description shouldn’t be very long. Also make certain that the text of a description is sure to be optimized for search engines meaning that it is particularly important to avoid duplicate content. Often there are repetitions in the original product descriptions given by suppliers or manufacturers.

This is commonly found while using the original product descriptions from suppliers or manufacturers. As a result of copying the information given by the manufacturer in the search results a substandard classification can rank relevant pages very low or at worst you could be entirely removed from the Google index. As a consequence the number of hits on each page will decrease and potential customers will be lost. You should make certain that your content is unique in order to give your page the best possible chances to be visible throughout the organic division of Google.

Google Alerts warns via email when content was ‘stolen’.

Google Alerts warns via email when content was ‘stolen’.

As you are investing a lot of time and putting a lot of effort in developing unique content, you should also make sure that in the future won’t be copied from other websites. There is a risk that Google classifies the original text as duplicate content which will therefore have a negative influence on your ranking position. There is no way content theft can be stopped, but thanks to a Google tool it can now be monitored. Google’s feature “Alerts” will send you a notification via Email if your previously written texts have recently been mentioned again without your permission. If it is the case that your text has been copied and shared on another website, Google enables you to immediately contact the owner of the website to remove your content from their website.

Another potential danger for duplicate content is the pagination of categorized sites. These are lists of products which are distributed on several pages. In order to not all be individually indexed by Google and to optimize the chances of your website coming at first in the results, the HTML code, rel=“next“ / rel=“prev“, should be inserted in the source code of the pagination pages. “Next” is relevant if the next page is meant, “prev” according the previous page. Google recognizes which page is the first and therefore the most important. Furthermore it is important to not create individual URLs for different sizes of products, such as footwear or clothing. It is possible to avoid duplicate content by using an input field. An additional point that must be considered is the browsing history of potential buyers. Depending on the particular device used for browsing it is necessary to optimize the layout and design your web page.

Rich Snippets appealing to customers

In order to continue improving the ranking of the sales page, more clicks can be generated by so-called Rich Snippets. These enhance the search results with data on client reviews and information on products. By using Rich Snippets you can draw more attention to a particular search result, which will enable you to have a higher click rate and possibly better rankings. Customer ratings also give a review over product pages which will lead to a higher Google ranking.

Users can read evaluations with Rich Snippets.

Users can read evaluations with Rich Snippets.

Internal and external links

A good linking with external websites is considered as a promising concept for an online store. With many credible links Google evaluates a page as a high quality one and ranks them accordingly better. As the owner of an online shop you should mainly use links of suppliers, manufacturers or service providers. Especially for larger online stores it is important for the webpage to have a good internal linking.

Some relevant products, which could be interesting are displayed to the customer. This is good for users and can have a positive effect on sales. All in all it can be stated that a simple description of an item not automatically fulfills all requirements of a good product description. This should be a good mix of SEO optimization and content marketing to not only meet the demands of customers but also the search engines. By considering this, it is possible to generate more traffic for the online store and in the best case, more sales.

Asos is using product recommendations for internal links

Asos is using product recommendations for internal links

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