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QUISMA Distributor Management Tool – efficient SEA campaigns for companies with many branches

Search engine advertising is a major challenge for many companies. For one multiple dealers and branches all over the country often have different regional offers and products. Furthermore, most of the time users look for specific local branches in search engines, because they are interested in local deals. Yet, you cannot deliver individualized ads with a central management of search ads. As a result users cannot find their local branch. They are shown other companies’ ads or nationwide offers instead. This way companies risk to lose valuable clicks and also potential online and offline customers.

Fully automated campaign creation, across all industries for all dealer networks

Fully automated campaign creation, across all industries for all dealer networks

General campaigns are not a solution

For businesses it is far too much effort to create regional ads to enable correct local delivery with a sufficient range. This is why many companies use general campaigns with low click-through rates, because the campaigns do not reach the customers.

So how can you match offer with regional demand?

The solution of the problem: Nationwide campaigns that meet the local needs of the user through individual ads.

However, the setup is highly demanding for advertisers.

Challenges for businesses

A variety of campaigns require a very complex management effort. They have to be created individually, monitored and contiunally optimized. Ads and keywords must not only be adapted to the individual branches. You also need a separate Google Adwords account for each branch in order to have an individual billing. Therefore it comes as no surprise that for companies with several hundred or thousands of branches campaign management can be a very complex and time-consuming process.

The dealers campaign tool for all industries

This is why QUISMA has now developed a fully automated solution: The QDM (QUISMA Distributor Management Tool), which significantly reduces the administrative burden. The QDM enables automated campaign creation based on master data and templates. With the new tool you can bundle your campaigns for each branch. Afterwards they are sent as a package to Google and will be distributed across the individual accounts. All accounts can be managed using only one step. This puts an end to time-consuming log-ins into every single account. Moreover, you can easily upload, monitor and adapt the different budgets through an integrated API interface. The new tool can be used in many areas where there is more than one branch/or a large dealer network. So far it has exceeded all expectations with regard to efficiency.

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