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Google Update

Today Google takes a stance for mobile launching its new “mobile-friendly-update”. The search giant has acted surprisingly transparent this time and made no secret about the ongoing changes – They even released the timetable one month ago. What changes will the new update will bring about? What are the technical challenges the advertising industry will have to prepare for?

New Google Update: Websites that are not prepared for mobile devices will get a worse ranking in organic search.

New Google Update: Websites that are not prepared for mobile devices will get a worse ranking in organic search.

Bearing in mind that nowadays in any case more than 30% of the visitors of a shop or a website enter the websites via mobile devices, Google takes a logical step wanting to offer optimized websites to their users.

Therefore, it is high time to take actions. From today on, websites that are not optimized for mobile devices will be downgraded in the ranking position when a user does a mobile search query.

According to different sources, the upcoming update will have more influence than Penguin or Panda. We don’t know yet how those changes will look in detail and in which areas they will become much a more palpable. The main effect the update will have is easy to grasp: In the future, all websites not prepared for mobile devices will get a worse ranking in organic search. Therefore, advertising intermediaries just as Google itself, call upon website owners to upgrade their websites to a responsive design – this means formats, which automatically adjust to the current terminal device.

Besides, major innovations are planned in the area of application integration. Moreover, Google wants to include deeplinks more often in search results. All the amendments should have a significant and an even stronger impact on search landscapes, than the previous algorithm-updates “Panda” and “Penguin”.

Cindy Krum is expressing her view on Moz.com and forecasts initial presumptions about the new update. However, it is expected that the effect of the update will be felt more significantly in the search via Android than for searches via iOS. If this is true then it also becomes clear that Google will start a new crawler for mobile sites and apps. A crawler is a computer program that is able to search through the World Wide Web, to analyze it and to sort and filter it to specific criteria.

What implications would such an index have, or rather what are the benefits for Google? It is assumed that Google also sees another, far greater advantage in the fact to integrate better crownable deeplinks via Android OS. Through the use of a mobile index there will be an increase from direct links to the subpages of applications; they would be also be displayed in search results.

Despite all speculations, it is a fact, however, that nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Gary Illyes, an employee of Google, said that there are plans for an index and that a team has been working on this issue. But he did not want to give a clear statement on the current status of the development. Therefore, it remains to be seen, if Google will really launch an index or whether there is simply an upgrade for the existing one.

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