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Alexander Wesselmann


Team Leader Affiliate Marketing

As Team Leader Affiliate Marketing at QUISMA, Alexander is responsible for further developing strategies, processes, and services in the field of affiliate marketing. Born in East Westphalia in Germany, the Business Studies and Media graduate joined the agency network in 2008 and has been working in various roles ever since. In his spare time, he likes all kinds of sports that have to do with balls.

Posts by Alexander Wesselmann:

Step-by-step approach: Attribution models and affiliate marketing

Attribution models, especially in affiliate marketing, are still being widely discussed which suggests that publishers are unsure about their suitability. (more…)

Wednesday, 29. January 2014 in Affiliate Marketing

Scandal in Affiliate Marketing or: Why in Affiliate Marketing You Need Someone Who Knows What He is Doing…

During the summer months, you could really feel the effects of the silly season in the affiliate marketing landscape. After a period of rarely any news Venturebeat started the fall season with a small scandal. The article with the headline “The big, ugly affiliate marketing scam” sent a shockwave through the business community. (more…)

Tuesday, 1. October 2013 in Affiliate Marketing

The Client as Bargain Hunter, The Supplier as Trap Finder

Coupons are still a very powerful tool, especially in affiliate marketing. We have talked about this topic extensively in this blog. Recently a new blog has been launched, entirely about discounts through coupons, and its makers have created an interesting and informative infographic. Apart from facts about their use, such as 41.1 percent of all online shoppers use coupons and that Google search queries for “coupon” have doubled in 2012 compared to 2008, they also show possible ways of using them. (more…)

Friday, 9. November 2012 in Affiliate Marketing

Customer Journey – It is the Big Picture that Counts

Big events, such as the last week’s OMMA show specialists once more how complex performance marketing can be: a vast amount of communication channels, very different payment models, and new buzzwords. The term “customer journey” suggests a planned journey, however, most of the time it rather resembles a backpacking tour where the traveller goes wherever the whim takes him. However, it is important for advertising companies to who to know where the customers started and what they encountered on their journey. (more…)

Friday, 28. September 2012 in General Topic

Promising Outlook for Affiliates – Looking for the Niche

The developments in the affiliate network sector show one thing clearly: the trend in affiliate marketing is moving towards specialization. Whether they are networks focusing on the financial markets, lead generation, or the B2B business – there seems to be a demand for specialized know-how and technical solutions for the merchants and the affiliates. (more…)

Wednesday, 11. July 2012 in Affiliate Marketing