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Carolin Dressler


Marketing Manager

Carolin works as Marketing Manager at QUISMA. She studied Translation for English and Portuguese in Heidelberg. After her graduation she quickly found her way into the online business. Since 2011 she has been responsible for internal as well as external communication measures of the agency network QUISMA. In her free time she enjoys reading books and running long distances.

Posts by Carolin Dressler:

Google Update

Today Google takes a stance for mobile launching its new “mobile-friendly-update”. The search giant has acted surprisingly transparent this time and made no secret about the ongoing changes – They even released the timetable one month ago. What changes will the new update will bring about? What are the technical challenges the advertising industry will have to prepare for? (more…)

Tuesday, 21. April 2015 in General Topic

Local Search Behavior: A better and faster customer support

Over the past years search behavior of users has changed: While people used to look for general information in search engines, they now tend to search more for products/services nearby. Where can I find a specific product in a store in my city? Which dealer in my proximity offers the best prices? Which restaurant do others recommend in my town? (more…)

Friday, 17. April 2015 in General Topic

Second Screen: Turning Brand Messages into Experiences

Gone are the days when advertisers solely worried about viewers constantly changing TV channels, now they face a new challenge: multiple screens. Currently consumers watch several different TV programmes and simultaneously use their smart phone, tablet or laptop. With advertisers facing ever-growing demands from consumers, cross-media campaigns are essential when turning a brand’s message into an all-screen experience. (more…)

Tuesday, 14. January 2014 in General Topic

Hej Sverige: QUISMA Launches New Office in Stockholm

We have expanded our international performance network again. Today, we are officially launching QUISMA’s 18th office in Stockholm; making this our fourth new opening in 2013, following on from Moscow, Prague and Bratislava. (more…)

Monday, 18. November 2013 in General Topic

Fighting for the Top: How Travel Agents Perform in Search Engines

August is the main travel month and persuades even the last indecisive customers to book a short vacation. This month, along with the other summer months, is particularly important for travel agents. Therefore, being at the top of search engine rankings for the right travel search terms is a an absolute must. (more…)

Thursday, 26. September 2013 in General Topic