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Erika Breuer


SEO/Conversion Optimization Manager

Erika has been working as SEO/Conversion Optimization Manager at QUISMA since June 2012. She graduated in Media Management with a minor in Brand Communication and Advertising in Munich and joined QUISMA immediately afterwards. She supervises renowned clients in search engine and conversion optimization. While commuting between the town of Ingolstadt and Munich she makes most of the time reading one book after the other.

Posts by Erika Breuer:

Top Secret: Google and the Keyword Encryption

To date the most effective measurement of successful search engine optimisation was done by looking at the keyword the user typed into a search engine to get to the website and buy a product. (more…)

Monday, 18. November 2013 in General Topic

The Power of the Trust Box

Many online stores expect miracles when they consider conversion optimisation for their websites. But can conversion optimisation really work wonders? Well maybe not overnight, as there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. But specific tests can significantly improve a website’s conversion rate. What needs to be tested? Which elements on a websites are promising and entice customers to buy a product? Conversion optimisation can show you numerous opportunities, ranging from where to place the navigation bar, and choosing the right images, to the trust box, which we will talk in more detail about in this blog post. (more…)

Tuesday, 8. January 2013 in Conversion Optimisation