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Julian Stein


Team Leader Conversion Optimization

Julian has been working for QUISMA since 2011. He became interested in the online world during his studies in Business Informatics. He then worked as an intern at the German company Otto Group. Since 2011 he is responsible for Conversion Optimization at the agency network QUISMA. The passionate fan of the soccer team FC Bayern Munich enjoys playing soccer in his free time and likes to go mountain biking through the Bavarian countryside.

Posts by Julian Stein:

What Do Da Vinci and Conversion Optimisation Have in Common?

Websites should be designed well to attract users – that’s probably something everyone would agree with. They need to present information sensibly, be intuitive to use and well-structured: these are the aspects which play a major role when optimising a website to reach higher conversions. If you can get the individual elements to work together harmoniously, this creates a more user-friendly image, and you can convert more of your existing traffic. That’s the theory anyway. (more…)

Wednesday, 30. April 2014 in Conversion Optimisation

Formula 1 in conversion optimisation – on the tracks of Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is the ultimate Formula 1 driver. He is the youngest four times world champion of all times and currently breaks all the records. With his eighth victory of the season he even broke the age-old record of his idol Michael Schumacher and this certainly won’t be his last achievement. (more…)

Friday, 31. January 2014 in Conversion Optimisation

What can we learn from Google?

How many times have you heard a client say “We are very interested in conversion optimisation, but we want to relaunch our website first and then look at kicking off optimsation.” Most of us have heard it all before, but undoubtedly this is what many website operators will say when they start grappling with conversion optimisation. Decisions concerning the website layout are often decided by gut feeling. (more…)

Thursday, 8. November 2012 in Conversion Optimisation

Identifying potential to increase the conversion rate

Before embarking on a conversion optimisation project it’s important to have a well-thought-out concept to avoid losing potential sales, define a test strategy and roadmap before starting. In principle every page can be optimized, however, certain pages have a greater influence on the conversion success than others. (more…)

Friday, 24. August 2012 in Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation: Five Ideas for the Financial Sector

Since competition in the financial sector is fierce, placing advertisements there can become very expensive very fast. For the search term “term life insurance” for a Google AdWords text ad you have to place your bid at a whopping 3.15 euros CPC (cost per click) in order to show up in second place in the advertisement ranking. For the search term “credit” you have to pay 3.85 euros. Due to this high stake it is even more important to convert as many of the users who click on the ad, as possible. Optimising your landing page for conversion can help you. This can be done through A/B and multivariate testing. (more…)

Tuesday, 19. June 2012 in Conversion Optimisation