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An Effective Combination: Display Advertising Plus Search Engine Advertising


Accompanying display campaigns within the framework of search engine advertising lead to higher conversions. QUISMA has proven this by conducting a customer journey analysis over the last few months for an international fashion retailer. (more…)

Is the Individual Conversion Attribution Worthwhile for Every Advertiser?


Customer journey analysis and individual conversion attribution have already been discussed several times on twoqubes. While the former describes the path of a customer through different channels, from the first contact with a product up until the purchase, the latter is responsible for the allocation of conversions to different marketing channels. The combination of these two methods allows advertisers to better understand marketing results and to optimize the planning of future budget distribution. (more…)

Thrive and Prosper: Customer Retention Online

Thrive and Propser: Customer Retention Online

The topic in the blog entry from March 2013 were customer relations and how you can integrate them into a holistic marketing strategy. This article will give you five tips to highlight how companies that are active on the internet can optimize their customer relationships to maintain a long-term business success. (more…)

Multi-channel Consumption Becomes Standard


In our last blog post we discussed the challenges of conversion attribution in 2013. An important point of that post was how marketers should integrate conventional channels into their conversion attribution analysis. We talked about how consumers who are on their way to a conversion – whether it is a purchase, the conclusion of a contract – do not only do so via online channels. Even if the final step or purchase eventually takes place online. On the flip side, many conventional transactions do not solely come via classical marketing channels, as more and more consumers seek to inform themselves via online channels and have their interest piqued elsewhere. (more…)

A Vision Becomes a Trend: Conversion Attribution 2013


As the new year is still young we look back on what made the headlines in the media press in the past year and what excited the likes of advertisers, agencies, publishers, researchers and beyond.
In this blog post we aim to provide relevant predictions for the 2013 with regard to conversion attribution and how it will increasingly play a key role in the marketer’s working life. (more…)