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Despite Decreasing User Activity: Thumbs Up for Facebook Advertising

Despite news pieces and studies increasingly stating that users are turning away from Facebook, there are still about 27 million Brits using Facebook every month which is over 2/3 of British internet users. Nearly no other website can compete with Facebook’s net reach and brands still see a huge value in advertising on the social media site. (more…)

Five Principles of Personalised Retargeting

Retargeting has been proven to be one of the most powerful marketing tools available today, and personalisation goes one step further in raising advertising effectiveness. Here we give you five principles for successful personalised retargeting. (more…)

Turning Display into Search with Intent Data.

Click-through rates (CTR) for search ads on commercial intent queries can often be hundreds of times higher than the CTR for display ads on a typical Facebook page. What is the explanation for this incredible difference in performance? (more…)

Real Time Advertising is Gaining Momentum in Europe

The European real time advertising market is taking shape – barely a week passes without news of another new company, solution, or acquisition.

Many of these new companies are based on pioneering models from the USA which have been tweaked for the European market. Developers are working tirelessly on new solutions that satisfy local requirements on both the buying and sales side. (more…)

Display Advertising: Success Factors in Test Drive Campaigns

Display Advertising: Success Factors in Test Drive Campaigns

Buying a new car is fairly costly and since nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke test drives enjoy great popularity with customers. They enable the potential buyer to test and compare the general condition of the car, the driving behavior and other important subjective criteria, which cannot necessarily be read on the vehicle’s data sheet.

The Internet offers to clients as well as to car manufacturers an efficient platform to bring test drives and potential buyers together. This is why in the meantime a variety of different portals and websites have been created (i.e. www.testdriver.co.uk) which deal exclusively with the topic test drives and give the users information on recent test drives, insurance tips and experience reports. (more…)