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Google Shopping by Mobile: Those Who Search Do Not Necessarily Buy


No one now denies how important mobile devices are for searching online: within the user search funnel, they play an essential part of the process of informing users. Google says up to 69% of all users use their mobiles to look for products, with 44-57% of all smartphone users looking for information locally at least once a week. So it's hardly surprising that searching online via smartphones helps in store sales. What about buying online in specific industries, though? How far does searching via mobile devices actually help online shop sales? (more…)

The Future of Shopping: Google Shopping


Although the online world may be coming increasingly to dominate our everyday lives, a study by eMarketer shows that nine out of ten sales are still made offline and on the spot. Factors like being able to experience products 'live' and compare them with other products in the shops should not be underestimated; and customers have sales staff they can talk to if they need specific advice or personal service. (more…)

Firefox Jumps on the Advertising Bandwagon


Increasingly online companies (such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest) have started to offer advertising on their sites. Recently, Mozilla announced that it will allow brands to advertise on its Firefox browser. Ads, that will be labelled as such, will be displayed on Firefox’s ‘new tab’ sites. (more…)

Long-term Customer Relationships – the Customer Lifetime Value


It is a fact that in certain periods of the year, more sales can be generated than in other periods. But is it really sufficient to evaluate marketing activities according to conversions, turnover and costs within a time period like Easter or Christmas? Of course every business should gather quantitative and time-related data but the development potential of the customer over a longer period of time needs to be addressed too. This is when the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) comes in. (more…)

The Internet of Things – The Connection to the Analogue World


In a world with an increasing number of smart phone users, a continuously growing number of people with an internet connection and endless new innovations, the trend of connecting the analogue world with the digital sphere has emerged: The Internet of Things (IoT). (more…)