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Firefox Jumps on the Advertising Bandwagon


Increasingly online companies (such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest) have started to offer advertising on their sites. Recently, Mozilla announced that it will allow brands to advertise on its Firefox browser. Ads, that will be labelled as such, will be displayed on Firefox’s ‘new tab’ sites. (more…)

Long-term Customer Relationships – the Customer Lifetime Value


It is a fact that in certain periods of the year, more sales can be generated than in other periods. But is it really sufficient to evaluate marketing activities according to conversions, turnover and costs within a time period like Easter or Christmas? Of course every business should gather quantitative and time-related data but the development potential of the customer over a longer period of time needs to be addressed too. This is when the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) comes in. (more…)

The Internet of Things – The Connection to the Analogue World


In a world with an increasing number of smart phone users, a continuously growing number of people with an internet connection and endless new innovations, the trend of connecting the analogue world with the digital sphere has emerged: The Internet of Things (IoT). (more…)

Feed Optimisation for Product Listing Ads – It All Comes Down to the Right Placement!


Google’s product listing ads (PLAs) became a paid-for service a year ago. And since a lot has happened: Almost every online retailer utilises this prominent format to display an attention-grabbing product image and its price. (more…)

Google Shakes Hands with the Competition


Recently, the European Commission had Google on the agenda once again: The search engine giant’s competitors complained that Google favours the display of its own search results, especially for products, hotels and restaurants. Google tried to achieve a settlement by suggesting to display its competitors’ results more prominently in its search results. However, before this is implemented Google still needs the approval from its rivals. (more…)