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What Matters Is what Is Inside: Content Optimization


Google’s evolution over the past years showed that the search engine has put more emphasis on the importance of high-quality content. A website's content is now more relevant than ever before for search engine optimization, while, for years the focus had been on off-page optimization and link building. Grammar, writing, unique texts and information are some of the criteria to evaluate the quality of content. Most often, when users are looking for information, short texts are not helpful and the search engines evaluate them accordingly. (more…)

An Effective Combination: Display Advertising Plus Search Engine Advertising


Accompanying display campaigns within the framework of search engine advertising lead to higher conversions. QUISMA has proven this by conducting a customer journey analysis over the last few months for an international fashion retailer. (more…)

Scandal in Affiliate Marketing or: Why in Affiliate Marketing You Need Someone Who Knows What He is Doing…


During the summer months, you could really feel the effects of the silly season in the affiliate marketing landscape. After a period of rarely any news Venturebeat started the fall season with a small scandal. The article with the headline "The big, ugly affiliate marketing scam” sent a shockwave through the business community. (more…)

Fighting for the Top: How Travel Agents Perform in Search Engines


August is the main travel month and persuades even the last indecisive customers to book a short vacation. This month, along with the other summer months, is particularly important for travel agents. Therefore, being at the top of search engine rankings for the right travel search terms is a an absolute must. (more…)

Google Boosts Web Design Trend with Enhanced Campaigns


It has been clear for some time that websites need to be adapted to fit different devices in this many screened world. Those who reacted to this trend early on and used responsive web design to automatically adapt their sites to display sizes can now sit back and watch the recent Google AdWords modifications. For the rest, it is now or never to act. (more…)