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Personal Touches Make the Difference: Google Authorship


Mid 2011, Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s Webspam Team, announced the introduction of a new Google feature, which allows assigning content to its authors. The so-called “author tag“ was first introduced in the USA and was then extended to all the country-specific Google pages. (more…)

YouTube TrueView InSearch – How to Reach the Right Audience


For quite some time advertisers have been benefiting from the good click-through rates of TrueView campaigns on YouTube. Compared to AdWords, they offer low costs per view at an enormous reach, due to the fact that YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world. In an article from January, we spoke about campaigns using InStream, and in this blog post we will be discussing InSearch campaigns. (more…)

Hej Sverige: QUISMA Launches New Office in Stockholm


We have expanded our international performance network again. Today, we are officially launching QUISMA’s 18th office in Stockholm; making this our fourth new opening in 2013, following on from Moscow, Prague and Bratislava. (more…)

Top Secret: Google and the Keyword Encryption


To date the most effective measurement of successful search engine optimisation was done by looking at the keyword the user typed into a search engine to get to the website and buy a product. (more…)

Achieve Better Results with Bing Ads


Last year the Yahoo system was switched to Bing Ads. The changeover did not just mean modifications to the keyword options, but it was also announced to provide a better reach. Previously, this has been the reason why advertisers neglected the channel. How well does advertising work in the new system? (more…)