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Following the Dynamic of Search Queries


User behavior is not a static value, it changes almost every day. Therefore, for well-managed AdWords campaigns with numerous carefully chosen keywords, relevant search queries can come to nothing, because at the time of the inquiry they were not considered in the keyword setup. With its new display format Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), Google makes it possible to find additional relevant search queries and to use them by placing an ad without having to book additional keywords. (more…)

Is the Individual Conversion Attribution Worthwhile for Every Advertiser?


Customer journey analysis and individual conversion attribution have already been discussed several times on twoqubes. While the former describes the path of a customer through different channels, from the first contact with a product up until the purchase, the latter is responsible for the allocation of conversions to different marketing channels. The combination of these two methods allows advertisers to better understand marketing results and to optimize the planning of future budget distribution. (more…)

Turning Display into Search with Intent Data.


Click-through rates (CTR) for search ads on commercial intent queries can often be hundreds of times higher than the CTR for display ads on a typical Facebook page. What is the explanation for this incredible difference in performance? (more…)

Welcome to the Family: QUISMA Acquires H1 And Takes on the Leading Position in Eastern Europe

Prague - new office of QUISMA Czech Republic and always worth a visit

The QUISMA network gains a new member: Today we can announce that we acquired H1, one of the leading Eastern European search marketing agencies. We gain more than 90 new colleagues at once. Together with our 50 colleagues at our office in Warsaw, QUISMA becomes one of the leading performance marketing agencies in Eastern Europe. This means QUISMA employs more than 300 people at 19 offices in 15 countries. (more…)

Mobile Sector Comparison Reveals Large Differences

Mobile Sector Comparison Reveals Large Differences

How popular are the different devices and how well do they perform? What differences are there between the mobile sectors? To answer these questions QUISMA conducted a mobile sector comparison and evaluated the data of different customer groups for the last quarter of 2012.
Our study’s statistics could help with making the right decisions regarding the CPCs (cost-per-click), especially as Google’s changeover to “enhanced campaigns” comes into effect later this year. The study consists of two parts; in the first part, search rates, CPCs, and click rates were closely observed. The second part of the study will examine the conversion rates and the CPOs (cost-per-orders). (more…)