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One for All: Google Enhanced Campaigns

For years Google’s motto has been ‘mobile first’. Ever since Google’s inception, the search engine giant could hardly wait for the breakthrough of mobile and with it, the inevitable arrival of a huge number of additional users and search queries. So it is not surprising that Google has responded to an increase in mobile and multi device searches by modifying AdWords – one of the search engine’s most important products; while at the same time opening a new chapter in campaign management by introducing a new Enhanced Campaigns product. (more…)

More Visibility for Ads with Enhanced Sitelinks

Following the great success of ad expansion sitelinks with advertisers Google will continue to improve this popular feature. Currently it is possible to place up to twelve sitelinks in the AdWords interface as ad extensions and now Google is making this possible for desktop apps. (more…)

New Update for Mobile Ads in Google Maps

Google has improved the visual format of its mobile search engine ads in Google Maps. The move should make local search results on mobile devices more efficient. The innovation, which is now available for the latest Android mobiles, makes calls to action, such as “get directions” or “click to call” more prominent in the ad, while improving their clickability at the same time. (more…)

What’s App Google? – Expanding Advertising Possibilities for Mobile Apps

Along with the number of smart phone users, the popularity of mobile apps is increasing rapidly. According to Google, the average smart phone user in the USA has 28 apps installed and more than 70 percent of all users use them for approximately 81 minutes a day. In order to respond to this trend it’s logical for mobile advertising companies to use apps. In this context, Google offers new features to help companies and advertisers bring the apps to the users. (more…)