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Following the Dynamic of Search Queries

User behavior is not a static value, it changes almost every day. Therefore, for well-managed AdWords campaigns with numerous carefully chosen keywords, relevant search queries can come to nothing, because at the time of the inquiry they were not considered in the keyword setup. With its new display format Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), Google makes it possible to find additional relevant search queries and to use them by placing an ad without having to book additional keywords. (more…)

SEA and Product Listing Ads – How Do They Fit Together?

PLA in top position with five suppliers

The current Google product search which is a free listing of indexed products will be replaced by paid ads– so-called product listing ads (PLAs) which will be charged to advertisers on a cost-per-click basis. Whilst there has been much debate over the potential loss of traffic and sales, with particular concerns raised by advertisers, at QUISMA, we see it as an opportunity for product marketing. (more…)

Display Advertising: Success Factors in Test Drive Campaigns

Display Advertising: Success Factors in Test Drive Campaigns

Buying a new car is fairly costly and since nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke test drives enjoy great popularity with customers. They enable the potential buyer to test and compare the general condition of the car, the driving behavior and other important subjective criteria, which cannot necessarily be read on the vehicle’s data sheet.

The Internet offers to clients as well as to car manufacturers an efficient platform to bring test drives and potential buyers together. This is why in the meantime a variety of different portals and websites have been created (i.e. www.testdriver.co.uk) which deal exclusively with the topic test drives and give the users information on recent test drives, insurance tips and experience reports. (more…)