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Step-by-step approach: Attribution models and affiliate marketing


Attribution models, especially in affiliate marketing, are still being widely discussed which suggests that publishers are unsure about their suitability. (more…)

Second Screen: Turning Brand Messages into Experiences


Gone are the days when advertisers solely worried about viewers constantly changing TV channels, now they face a new challenge: multiple screens. Currently consumers watch several different TV programmes and simultaneously use their smart phone, tablet or laptop. With advertisers facing ever-growing demands from consumers, cross-media campaigns are essential when turning a brand’s message into an all-screen experience. (more…)

An Effective Combination: Display Advertising Plus Search Engine Advertising


Accompanying display campaigns within the framework of search engine advertising lead to higher conversions. QUISMA has proven this by conducting a customer journey analysis over the last few months for an international fashion retailer. (more…)

Is the Individual Conversion Attribution Worthwhile for Every Advertiser?


Customer journey analysis and individual conversion attribution have already been discussed several times on twoqubes. While the former describes the path of a customer through different channels, from the first contact with a product up until the purchase, the latter is responsible for the allocation of conversions to different marketing channels. The combination of these two methods allows advertisers to better understand marketing results and to optimize the planning of future budget distribution. (more…)

From Kicks to Clicks: The Striking Similarity Between Online Marketing and Football [Infographic]

From Kicks to Clicks: The Striking Similarity Between Online Marketing and Football [Infographic]

On Saturday it’s going down: Tomorrow at Wembley stadium in London, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund will meet in the Champions League final. This is the first time that two German teams have met to compete for the most coveted trophy in European football.

For QUISMA’s Data Intelligence Unit experts this presented the perfect opportunity to analyse how much team sports and the interdisciplinary world of online marketing have in common, by creating a shareable infographic!