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Local Search Behavior: A better and faster customer support

Local search queries are made anywhere and anytime on any device.

Over the past years search behavior of users has changed: While people used to look for general information in search engines, they now tend to search more for products/services nearby. Where can I find a specific product in a store in my city? Which dealer in my proximity offers the best prices? Which restaurant do others recommend in my town? (more…)

Knowing the True Value of a Customer – Customer Lifetime Value

A long-term observation is needed to calculate the true value of a client

The previous entries on marketing intelligence have primarily focused on the advertiser’s activities. The articles looked at the contributions of each element of marketing activity and how they can be calculated in terms of their effectiveness and efficiency. In this context we found that the influences and interdependencies of traditional advertising and online marketing channels can be calculated with modelling, so that the advertising budget can be allocated optimally. Initially, advertisers try to keep the advertising costs in relation to the sales under the direct profits. This course of action may be understandable but it can also lead to a false conclusion. (more…)