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Squeezing The Best Out Of Campaigns

Squeezing the best out of marketing campaigns with the customer journey analysis!

Nowadays some companies focus on how to make their marketing campaigns more efficient by analyzing each channel separately. What many of them miss though is to measure all the channels at the same time while comparing their performance. Thus, they don’t see their customers journeys. (more…)

A Vision Becomes a Trend: Conversion Attribution 2013

As the new year is still young we look back on what made the headlines in the media press in the past year and what excited the likes of advertisers, agencies, publishers, researchers and beyond.
In this blog post we aim to provide relevant predictions for the 2013 with regard to conversion attribution and how it will increasingly play a key role in the marketer’s working life. (more…)

Individual Conversion Attribution Powered by QUISMA

In our previous articles about conversion attribution we’ve explained that it is crucial to use the right attribution model for your online marketing measures as identifying each channel’s true contribution is the foundation for every budget allocation. Common attribution models, such as the last cookie wins, first cookie wins, and many others, are of a static nature and cannot live up to the complex user behaviour in the customer journey. The solution is to use models adjusted to the advertiser and their needs. (more…)