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Despite Decreasing User Activity: Thumbs Up for Facebook Advertising


Despite news pieces and studies increasingly stating that users are turning away from Facebook, there are still about 27 million Brits using Facebook every month which is over 2/3 of British internet users. Nearly no other website can compete with Facebook’s net reach and brands still see a huge value in advertising on the social media site. (more…)

Social Signals as Ranking Boosters – Top or Flop?


In the New Year companies will have to face some familiar challenges as well as some new ones. Somewhere in between the two are social signals. Their significance has been fiercely discussed among SEO experts for quite some time, the debate is divided by one question: what influence do social signals have on the indexing in search engines, such as Google? (more…)

Real-time Bid Ads in the Social Cosmos – Facebook Goes RTB


Facebook is currently planning the launch of Facebook Ad Exchange in Europe, allowing advertisers to target users even more efficiently within the social network, trading display advertising space automatically by auction. With a total volume of 12.4 billion dollars (as of: 2011) the social network is already the leader in the U.S. display advertising market. With Facebook Exchange, the platform guarantees that in the near future the user will only be shown ads for products that really interest them. (more…)