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SEA Tips for the Christmas Season

More and more shoppers turn to online stores to get their presents

This Christmas, retailers have predicted a huge upswing in the numbers of shoppers turning to online stores to get their present shopping done in time, with minimum fuss and most importantly – with minimum time spent in the crush at the shopping centre. To this end, marketers’ focus and budget has shifted to optimising search engine advertising, to ensure that their ads provide a help to time-poor shoppers. QUISMA have a number of tips to help companies get the most out of their SEA at this important, and lucrative, time of year. (more…)

Flexible Reach for Google Display Network

Google recently added the “Display Network” tab into the AdWords interface to make it easier for advertisers to manage their Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns. Google is now introducing another feature to manage GDN campaigns: “flexible reach”. The new feature allows advertisers to pick targeting options for the GDN not only at a campaign level but also at an ad group level. With this new function Google hopes to enable users to target their campaigns more efficiently than was previously possible with “broad reach” and “specific reach” at campaign level. (more…)

The X-Factor for More Efficiency

Google wants to give its users more control over the kind of ads they are confronted with. This is why they launched the true view ads a few months ago, allowing users to skip video ads on YouTube. Also the “why this ad?” link aims at helping users avoid the placement of certain ads in Google search results. (more…)