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Feed Optimisation for Product Listing Ads – It All Comes Down to the Right Placement!


Google’s product listing ads (PLAs) became a paid-for service a year ago. And since a lot has happened: Almost every online retailer utilises this prominent format to display an attention-grabbing product image and its price. (more…)

Google Shakes Hands with the Competition


Recently, the European Commission had Google on the agenda once again: The search engine giant’s competitors complained that Google favours the display of its own search results, especially for products, hotels and restaurants. Google tried to achieve a settlement by suggesting to display its competitors’ results more prominently in its search results. However, before this is implemented Google still needs the approval from its rivals. (more…)

A Key to Local Targeting: The Google Keyword Planner


As announced by Google quite some time ago, the popular search keyword tool has been discontinued permanently. From now on, finding out which keywords a user typed in to reach the site, and researching keyword ideas will only be possible with an active AdWords account. In general, there are four main differences between the former Keyword Tool and the new Keyword Planner that need to be taken into account. (more…)

Top Secret: Google and the Keyword Encryption


To date the most effective measurement of successful search engine optimisation was done by looking at the keyword the user typed into a search engine to get to the website and buy a product. (more…)

Google Boosts Web Design Trend with Enhanced Campaigns


It has been clear for some time that websites need to be adapted to fit different devices in this many screened world. Those who reacted to this trend early on and used responsive web design to automatically adapt their sites to display sizes can now sit back and watch the recent Google AdWords modifications. For the rest, it is now or never to act. (more…)