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Google Shopping by Mobile: Those Who Search Do Not Necessarily Buy

No one now denies how important mobile devices are for searching online: within the user search funnel, they play an essential part of the process of informing users. Google says up to 69% of all users use their mobiles to look for products, with 44-57% of all smartphone users looking for information locally at least once a week. So it’s hardly surprising that searching online via smartphones helps in store sales. What about buying online in specific industries, though? How far does searching via mobile devices actually help online shop sales? (more…)

Enhanced Campaigns – Google takes the gloves off

Enhanced campaigns - Google takes the gloves off

Presently, mobile and tablet campaigns can be set up and managed separately at Google. In the future this will no longer be the case; Google announced in February that a new campaign management system will be introduced in June this year- the ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ tool. This means there will be significant changes to Google’s current campaign management platform, especially for mobile and desktop distribution. Since the announcement, there have been several updates from Google on this topic-namely on bidding, delivery management of mobile pages and timing. The aim of this blog post is to give you an overview of the most important changes and what they mean. (more…)

One for All: Google Enhanced Campaigns

For years Google’s motto has been ‘mobile first’. Ever since Google’s inception, the search engine giant could hardly wait for the breakthrough of mobile and with it, the inevitable arrival of a huge number of additional users and search queries. So it is not surprising that Google has responded to an increase in mobile and multi device searches by modifying AdWords – one of the search engine’s most important products; while at the same time opening a new chapter in campaign management by introducing a new Enhanced Campaigns product. (more…)

SEA Campaigns: Clients do not move in mysterious ways

While optimizing and distributing SEA-campaigns to different terminal devices in a performance-orientated way, several exciting questions arise: at what point in the buying cycle do you reach which user, through which device at what time, and does it generate a conversion? (more…)

AdMob Integration into Google AdWords

The integration of AdMob into Google AdWords allows advertisers to create campaigns more easily and target them more efficiently. Since the use of mobile has been on the rise for several years, the integration was the logical next step. Every day more than two trillion impressions are generated worldwide via AdMob. In the following article we will show you what benefits arise from the new integration. (more…)