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Despite Decreasing User Activity: Thumbs Up for Facebook Advertising

Despite news pieces and studies increasingly stating that users are turning away from Facebook, there are still about 27 million Brits using Facebook every month which is over 2/3 of British internet users. Nearly no other website can compete with Facebook’s net reach and brands still see a huge value in advertising on the social media site. (more…)

The Client as Bargain Hunter, The Supplier as Trap Finder

Coupons are still a very powerful tool, especially in affiliate marketing. We have talked about this topic extensively in this blog. Recently a new blog has been launched, entirely about discounts through coupons, and its makers have created an interesting and informative infographic. Apart from facts about their use, such as 41.1 percent of all online shoppers use coupons and that Google search queries for “coupon” have doubled in 2012 compared to 2008, they also show possible ways of using them. (more…)

Keyword Match Types as a Secret Weapon for Every SEA Campaign

Are you an SEA manager? Then you must be quite familiar with the following challenge of increasing the return on advertising spend (ROAS) in highly competitive industries without sacrificing investment in growth. (more…)

The X-Factor for More Efficiency

Google wants to give its users more control over the kind of ads they are confronted with. This is why they launched the true view ads a few months ago, allowing users to skip video ads on YouTube. Also the “why this ad?” link aims at helping users avoid the placement of certain ads in Google search results. (more…)

Sales Modelling in the Performance Sector, Part 3

In this article we will take a look at the results that modelling can achieve, which ultimately will impact sales. The example below will help give a better overview of how this works in practice. Modelling can be an excellent basis for decision-making and help with budget allocation for companies in the online as well as offline sector. The re-distribution of budget will then be based on statistical facts rather than gut feel. (more…)