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Promising Outlook for Affiliates – Looking for the Niche

The developments in the affiliate network sector show one thing clearly: the trend in affiliate marketing is moving towards specialization. Whether they are networks focusing on the financial markets, lead generation, or the B2B business – there seems to be a demand for specialized know-how and technical solutions for the merchants and the affiliates. (more…)

Knowing the True Value of a Customer, Part 2 – Net Worth Method

The individual client is an investment that pays off in the long term

In the first part of our series on the topic of client value we explained that it is important to look at the advertising budget not only in relation to the direct sales, but also to the entire value of a client relationship. The customer lifetime value concept represents the gain or loss that a company generates through the entire duration of the customer relationship and from the transactions affected by the client. While in the first part we discussed the strategic importance of the client evaluation, we will now explain how the customer lifetime value can be calculated. (more…)