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Step-by-step approach: Attribution models and affiliate marketing

Attribution models, especially in affiliate marketing, are still being widely discussed which suggests that publishers are unsure about their suitability. (more…)

Better Account Management for Publishers

In order to be a successful partner, a publisher needs to keep an eye on a lot of information. To accomplish this many possibilities are available for optimisation. Networks try to offer their partners extensive and exclusive functions to support this process. This is why the two big German networks – affilinet and zanox – have both introduced innovations, aiming to achieve this. (more…)

Dutch Telecommunication Act Comes into Effect

Cookie handling legislation is coming thick and fast in the Netherlands. The European legislator introduced new, stricter legislation with regards to targeting and to the use of cookies. The new regulations are laid down in the amended ePrivacy Directive of November 25th 2009 and should have been implemented in the national laws of the European Union Member States by May 25th 2011. (more…)

A plethora of choice: Advertising Mediums in Affiliate Marketing

Advertising mediums in affiliate marketing – a colorful bouquet of possibilities

The range of advertising options in the online sector is steadily increasing. Which advertising mediums are most important? In what areas do they work best? And what are their benefits from an advertiser’s and from a user’s point of view? (more…)

Real Time Bidding explained – an insight in the term and abbreviation jungle

Find a way through the abbreviation jungle

RTB is probably one of the most used acronyms in the online marketing world of last year. Almost everybody knows by now what these three letters mean – real time bidding. However, this is not the only widely used abbreviation in this context. A real term and abbreviation jungle has developed itself around this topic. To provide a better insight – and to prepare for future blog entries about this matter – the most important terms will be explained in the following text. (more…)